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All Nigerian leaders from 1960 till date failed Nigeria (if the foundation of a house is bad the house will surely collapse), we can’t point out one thing in Nigeria that is Perfect or Good. Most of our leaders are thug in suite and agbada, we have some people in the National Assemble, Legislate Aims, who never participate, contribute or add to the growth of the state for the 4 years (A.K.A Bench Warmers) they have been election in office, yet they collect salaries and a lot of irrelevant allowance. For Example here in my Local Government we have leaders who can’t not even face the public or fight for the right of the people in the local government area yet we call them Chairman and Honorables. Nigeria is a great country, blessed with recourses and power but the colony master never want Nigeria to work that why they amalgamated us, after amalgamation they gave power to the north part of Nigeria. I will not say anything about the amalgamation now. These leaders have failed the people and they have also brain washed most Nigerians, and they will never pray or make Nigeria work for us but it will work for them and their family.
In Nigeria we have politicians we have administrators, the politicians are the figure-head, the administrators are the one working but the credit goes to the politicians.
In Nigeria their no separation of power but we do say we have separation of power, we have 3 arms of government
Legislature: Make Law
Executive: Implement Law
Judiciary: Interpret Law
These arms of government should have their autonomy but in Nigeria the Executive interfere in the functioning of the other arms of government, this has been of the biggest problem in Nigeria Politics.
If the President can appoint the Attorney General of the Nation and the INEC Chairman what will you think will happen (Smile), For Nigeria to work separation of power is needed.
When President Mohammed Buhari came in Jega resigned as the INEC Chairman and Mr. President appoint the new INEC Chairman Mahmood Yakubu, the last election was free and fair election indeed. The INEC couldn’t prepare for an election for good 4 years the election was cancelled few hours to the Election and we said it is free and fair.
I will like to stop here for now we talk more about this next Sunday.
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