SoulMate TV: How to treat your Woman.


Men. It really isn’t difficult or expensive to please a woman. I am writing for the man in the relationship. People forget that a good relationship doesn’t happen on its own _it takes work and commitment!she’s is worth it if you truly love her and know that you have a wonderful woman by your side, you will do anything to keep her. Believe me, you may search forever and not find another woman like her..
Men, please swallow your pride and try these things what have you got to lose? Instead of holding on to her!
Surprise her:women love surprise it a way to make her smile and happy
Thank her for the little things :if she does something sweet and thoughtful for you thank her.
Send her text message :don’t know her to text? For her learn it and text her during the day, out of blue, say something like “I meant to tell you how pretty you look this morning……
Don’t give her reason to hate you:don’t let your anger get the best of you, everyone argues, but before your temper get out of your control, causing you a resort to foul language and name_calling take a breath. You are so angry that you shout out the most hateful and disgusting words that you think of. As soon as you said this, you knew as soon it was worst thing to say, but you can’t take it back. The damage have been done, and you may have hurt her feelings so deeply. It will take months to repair, the damage and win her approval again, she may end up forgiving you but she may lose some respect for you.

Praise her;tell her how much you appreciate the little thing she does for you.
Listen to her;when she is talking to you really listen don’t just nod your head and grunt and pretend……
Learn to forgive her
Don’t compare her to other women
Make her your priority
Don’t hide things from her
Assist her
Tell her you love her always
Plan a future with her
*Make her feel love
Make her feel pampered

  • When praying hold her hands
  • Include her in your decision making


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