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A soulmate is a person who knew you and accepted you just the way you are.
A soulmate is a person whom one has deeply feelings for.
How to identify your soulmate
*You feel it and you know it;There’s is no test that will help you determine if you have found your soulmate, you will feel like the person is the right one for you, when you get that feeling, you will know what it means. You will feel energized by their presence comfortable enough to completely open up….
*They are your bestfriend :A friendship is the foundation of any relationship, you share pains and happiness in common..
*You respect eachother:A relationship is nothing without respect so if your soul doesn’t admire you for who you are, they are probably not your soulmate..
*You share the same goal:You may not want the same career and may argue about your career but generally you and your soulmate share the same life.
*You challenge eachother:Your soulmate should bring out the best in you, and that means pushing you a little to become the best you can be, you should admire and respect your bae and who they are, but you should also motivate them and reach their goals. Relationship are about growth and soulmate help eachother grow together.

*You can totally be yourself :There is no faking when it comes to your soulmate. You can be totally yourself around them and you know they’ll love you for it..
*You fight for the relationship

*You know it love when you meet your soulmate and not just attachment
*You find it amazing planning your future with them
*Your soulmate put you first when it counts
*You easily dictate your soulmate mood
*You keep bumping into this person
*Your soulmate accept your flaws without question
Once you have finally found your forever, it is logically follows that you’ll introduce them to your family, friends and anyone else in your life, who is important to you, in a perfect world everyone get along with eachother….
Note :Don’t keep secret from your soulmate.


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