Independence Day: Ghana Armed Forces denies serious allegations about soldiers

The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) has reacted to allegations of impoverished conditions under which soldiers assigned to the Independence Day celebrations have been subjected to.

Per a report by, the director of public relations of the GAF, Colonel Eric Aggrey-Quashie, stated that it was untrue the soldiers were being subjected to inhumane conditions.

His comments come after a report by the Informer newspaper claimed that the military men have no beds to sleep on and are “packed into tents like sardines, with no proper ventilation, a situation raising concerns of possible health crisis.”

The newspaper reportedly added that the soldiers are being given poor quality foods, which is rationed for them.

It also alleged that the soldiers are being denied their daily stipends, and these issues are causing uneasiness among them.

Colonel Aggrey-Quashie stated that the allegations are “palpable falsehoods and do not represent the true state of affairs of our troops deployed in Tamale.”

He added that anticipating the shortage of hotel rooms within Tamale and its environs due to the historic nature of the celebrations for this year, GAF made arrangements for large Rubb hall tents which are fully air-conditioned with mattresses, for use by the troops.

He went on to say that it must be noted that soldiers sleeping in tents is nothing new and done all over the world, Ghana being no exception.

With regard to the stipends, he said the services being offered by the soldiers are in line with their normal duties, and for that reason, they are not expecting payments on Independence Day.

He went on to say the GAF assured that it will continue to seek the interest and welfare of all troops under command and therefore the report by the newspaper must be discarded with the “contempt that it deserves.”

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