Video||Make use of the advice I give myself when I was young – Chimamanda N. A

Even ten years ago, we looked up to the wisdom of author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, so when CNN African Voices asked her what advice she’d give to the 2009 version of herself, we knew it’d be something good.

Characteristically, the feminist icon dropped what should undoubtedly be a life lesson for us all: Wear what you want to wear.

Sounds random, yeah?

But explaining, she said that what she means is that her younger self shouldn’t think she has to do what people want her to do.

She talked about how when she was younger she’d fall into the trap of doing what people wanted, what people expected of her. It’s mentally exhausting, she said.

She advised her younger self to, instead, own herself, to not think she has to perform for somebody else.

Video below:

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